Working with Government Agencies


Who:  This information is for U.S. Government EEO Directors, Human Resources Specialists, Directors of Public Affairs, Coordinators of Women’s and Diversity Programs, Sexual Assault Prevention / SAPRO Representatives in the U.S. Military, DoD and Intelligence Communities.


What:  Invite us to conduct a That Takes Ovaries (TTO) event or a Leading a Bold Life (LBL) event for your government agency.


When:  Bring us any time, because any time is a good time to celebrate courage and diversity.  We can also be brought for

  • Women’s History Month – March
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month – April
  • Women’s Equality Day – August 26th
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month – October


Our downloadable info packet for government agencies is here:

Invite Us: Diversity & Gender Event for U.S. Government and Military


 Examples of our work with government agencies


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The EEO Program Manager of the San Francisco VA Health Care System invited us to lead a That Takes Ovaries event for this April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Our professional staff will lead this fun, transformational, audience-participatory program that celebrates diversity and courage and ties in to sexual assault prevention and bystander intervention.


U.S. Navy, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)

We were brought in by ONI’s Equal Employment Office (EEO) and Women’s Leadership Forum to conduct a Leading a Bold Life event where we celebrated the courage of all individuals. Attendees included staff and officials from HUD, Dept. of Treasury, Army, Navy, Air Force, Military Sealift Command, Justice Dept., DEA and the Intelligence community.


Praise from ONI’s Deputy Commander

ONI newsletters

ONI poster for BOLD LIFE Dec 2013

U.S. Office of Public Affairs / Consulate General in Kolkata, India

We lead a That Takes Ovaries event for Women’s Month (March). Held at the American Center, the event was a big success and included dramatic readings of stories of courage and audience-participatory story sharing (open mike).


Praise from U.S. Consulate


Former U.S. Air Force Captain

Veteran, former Air Force Captain, former assistant professor at the US Air Force Academy K. Granger  letter of support.


Granger letter of support





This [Leading a Bold Life] leadership initiative was well attended and contributed to the success of our Federal Women’s Program. The challenge to lead a bold life has inspired us to continue celebrating strength and courage within ourselves and others. The dramatic readings were a powerful reminder that we can all choose courage and that as we do, others find they are challenged to be courageous also. This audience-participatory event empowered and raised the consciousness of both men and women… I am sure that lives were changed as a result…


Michael Waschull

Deputy Commander

Office of Naval Intelligence

(Full letter here Praise from ONI’s Deputy Commander )


• • •


The event went very well! I heard several people discussing the presented topics for several days after the event. I think the presented topics could really help with effective bystander intervention and benefit command climate (i.e. the workplace environment). I think the presentation also promotes a greater sensitivity towards others.


LCDR Kristie Colpo

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Victim Advocate

SAPR POC (Point of Contact) Representative for ONI


• • •


Speaking as a veteran and a former assistant professor at the US Air Force Academy, I am quite pleased to have recently had the opportunity to attend the program “That Takes Ovaries: Leading a Bold Life.” I was impressed with the result produced in such a relatively short amount of time. This program should certainly be offered to the military community, most especially women in the military, from women cadets to returning women veterans to military spouses. I also think men in the military would enjoy the program, as it raises everyone’s level of awareness and consciousness about women’s issues — yet it does so in a way that does not put men in an uncomfortable position. I believe “That Takes Ovaries” will be a good fit for those seeking a short empowering, entertaining and diverse program for both women and men in the military. The best part of TTO is that everyone leaves the event ready to go out and lead a more bold life.


Kari Granger

Former US Air Force Captain

(Full letter here Granger letter of support )

• • •


I thoroughly enjoyed the Leading a Bold Life presentation/workshop and am very happy I attended. I feel my time spent was very worthwhile and would highly recommend the event at our Command. I am forwarding your attachments to our Deputy EEO Officer. Thank you again.


Johanna O’Neill

PM5 Admin Asst

Military Sealift Command


• • •


I enjoyed attending the presentation Leading a Bold Life because it was inspiring and out of the ordinary. It allowed me an opportunity to step outside of the humdrum everyday to recognize and applaud some jewels of humanity. The shocking segment “Documenting It” about the sex trafficking of young girls should be standard at each and every presentation. Between the dramatic readings, participants sharing their own stories and one on one discussions, I am prompted to revisit my “bucket list.” Thank you.


Cathy Rose

EEO Specialist

Headquarters, Dept of the Army


• • •


Additional praise (unattributed)


Very impressed with the program. We loved it. I especially liked the true stories.


Very effective program. Applicable to any agency. This was relevant to the agency’s mission.