Global reach: That Takes Ovaries around the world

That Takes Ovaries (TTO) events have been held around the globe with women and girls from a wide range of cultures in a wide variety of settings. Below are a few examples.


  • Local community groups:  From a battered women’s shelter in New Jersey, U.S., to a Women Communal Three women in IndiaBank in a small mountain-side village in Costa Rica, women have gathered to discuss gender roles and to share their own personal stories of courage.
  • Schools:  Our TTO model was used with high school girls in Nicaragua, led by Peace Corps staff, assisted by the local police station’s domestic violence task force.
  • Universities:  TTO events have been held on college and university campuses in the U.S., Canada, England and India, from larger schools, like Stanford University and MIT, to smaller colleges.
  • Training of Trainers:  Social Workers from across Guyana, South America, gathered for one week for a TTO Training of Trainers. They learned how to lead their own TTO workshops for teen girls, so that they could bring this replicable model of empowerment back to their home communities.
  • Parent’s groups:  Parents of children with disabilities in Kenya shared stories at a TTO meeting. The teens at the same center had their own TTO open mike.
  • Five Star Hotels:  A TTO event was held in India on International Women’s Day, attended by hundreds of Audience in Indiawomen from all walks of life. Over a dozen additional TTO events have been held in India, including one hosted by the U.S. Consulate.
  • Living Rooms:  Women in Italy gathered in homes to use our model of women’s empowerment.
  • Art Centers and Museums: Women held a TTO in an art center in China and in an art museum in England.
  • Bookstores:  Partnering with Amnesty International, women in Australia celebrated women’s strength at a TTO event held in a bookstore.
  • Conferences:  At an AWID (Association For Women’s Rights and International Development) conference in Thailand, we held a TTO skills building workshop, attended by women from around the globe who are working in the field of women’s development and human rights.
  • On Stage:  TTO stories have been dramatized and staged in the U.S., Canada, India and Thailand.