What we do: Summary of All Things Ovarian

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That Takes Ovaries

Celebrating gutsy women around the globe – because courage is contagious

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” Katharine Hepburn

“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” Laurel Thatcher Ulrich



Summary of All Things Ovarian

That Takes Ovaries (TTO) is a unique initiative that mixes the arts with activism for women and girls’ empowerment. We do this with our best-selling book, multicultural play, highly-participatory events and trainings. Our latest offering, an event titled “Leading a Bold Life: Recognizing the Risk-Taker in All of Us” is geared equally to a mixed-gender audience.


That Takes Ovaries Book

That Takes Ovaries: Bold Females and Their Brazen Acts (Random House/Three Rivers Press) is an exciting collection of real-life stories from women and girls about the gutsy, outrageous, courageous things they have done. The book, a Boston Globe bestseller, is jam-packed with 64 multicultural, fun, sassy, touching true tales of estrogen-powered deeds that range from playful to political, including women fighting for their human rights.


That Takes Ovaries Events

Our events are a celebration of diverse women and girls’ strength and courage. Since 2002, 1000+ TTO open mike events (approx. 2 hrs long) have been held around the globe, either led by TTO’s professional staff or by local community women. At a TTO open mike event, excerpts of our play are read aloud, then gutsy gals and all who identify with female gender spontaneously share true stories of times they acted boldly. Guys brag about the ovaries in their lives – mothers, sisters and daughters. Everyone who shares a story gets a chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil – a Golden Ovary Award. TTO offers a fun, empowering event that women’s organizations can use to raise funds and awareness, so that they, in turn, can continue their good work. This can either be a stand-alone event or included as an exciting audience-participatory component to an already scheduled conference.


Leading a Bold Life (LBL) Events

Our new event for both men and women recognizes the risk-taker in all of us. LBL is an outgrowth from, and similar to, our successful TTO women’s empowerment events, however they are geared equally to a mixed-gender audience. LBL celebrates multiculturalism and courage by showcasing the diversity in your community and simultaneously encouraging participants to lead bold lives. Invite us to lead a two-hour LBL event in your workplace or community.


That Takes Ovaries Play

Like the book, the 90-minute TTO play is a collection of bold, brazen acts by diverse women and girls. Productions and staged readings are held in theaters and on school campuses across the globe, often including an open mike after the show. Directors can swap out stories in the script for true stories they collect from local women. The play is perfect for guest appearances by local celebrities and community leaders.


That Takes Ovaries Media Coverage

We have generated over 500 press articles/interviews, including Glamour and Jane magazines, the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco, Chronicle, Detroit Free Press, NY Daily News, Times of India and Telegraph of India.


Extended Programs & Training

Our extended TTO women’s empowerment and girls’ empowerment programs and training, offered to organizations and NGOs, combine story-sharing and drama therapy to raise participants’ self-esteem and leadership skills so they can become all-around confident, risk-taking females. Our programs have a transformative effect on people’s lives and can be focused for specific populations(e.g. sexually assaulted, prostituted girls). Training of Trainers is offered for teachers, social workers, etc.


Invite Us to Your Community

Our That Takes Ovaries and Leading a Bold Life professional staff are available for leading events and trainings in the U.S. and internationally. We offer an interactive talk where we ask audiences, “Why is it important to lead a bold life?” This is followed by dramatic readings of true stories of courage. The highpoint of the event is a fun, audience-participatory open mike where everyone is welcome to spontaneously share a personal story of courage.



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