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    ‘That Takes Ovaries’ celebrates gutsy women and girls around the globe – because courage is contagious. Read More
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    Electrified the audience...
    Truly remarkable...
    Touches women and girls of all ages...A tool for lasting social change...
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  • Leading a Bold Life

    Recognizing the risk-taker in all of us - because courage is contagious. Our new program geared equally to mixed-gender audiences. Read More
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    Our book and play are a collection of bold, brazen acts by women and girls. The play and staged readings are held at theaters, community centers, and schools worldwide. Read More
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    Our programs and training for organizations combine story-sharing and drama therapy to raise participant self-esteem and leadership skills. Read More
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Watch our colorful video about That Takes Ovaries (TTO)

TTO is a celebration of diverse women and girls’ strength and courage. We do this through our best-selling book, multicultural play and highly-participatory events that promote women's empowerment and that have generated over 500 media articles/interviews. We offer short empowerment events and longer programs & trainings. Read our reviews & praise and download our info and free poster.

Human Resource & Diversity Directors:
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“Leading a Bold Life (LBL): Recognizing the Risk-Taker in All of Us – Because Courage is Contagious” is our new program for men, women & teens. We celebrate multiculturalism and courage by showcasing the diversity in your community and simultaneously encouraging all participants to lead bold lives. An outgrowth of our successful TTO women’s empowerment events, but LBL is geared equally to a mixed-gender audience. Invite us to lead an LBL event in your workplace or community. See More.

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  • reviews-college-asian-woman-mike

    "We wanted a big culmination to Int'l Women's Week. That Takes Ovaries was just what we were looking for ... vibrant, intelligent, challenging, hilarious, completely unabashed. We loved it! Genuinely inspiring." – Stanford Univ., Women's Health and Human Rights
  • "That Takes Ovaries changes the way women look at themselves ... a must-do-must-see for all students." – Dir. of Corp. Outreach, Holy Names Univ.
  • "Electrified the audience ... students still make references to That Takes Ovaries ... an excellent presentation!" – Chair, Women's Studies Dept., William Paterson Univ.
  • "Couldn't have been more inspirational, warm, and inclusive." – Women's Studies, Hope College State Univ.

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  • reviews-diversity-green-shirt-benefit"Diversity Initiatives was named Educational Program of the Month because of That Takes Ovaries. We look forward to future collaborations in hopes of providing students with events that challenge them to seek opportunities of cultural immersion. Your event helped us achieve that." – Diversity Initiatives, Newport Univ.
  • "Part of our Diversity Series, the program was amazing and the response from the audience was nothing short of a movement to embrace, affirm, share and discover our connectedness through stories of courage, wit and determination." – Diversity Director, Univ. of Nebraska Medical Ctr.
  • "A very good turn out. The event was motivational." – Director, Office of Diversity, Longwood Univ.

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  • "The model of empowerment that That Takes Ovaries uses with women and girls -ngo-nepal-gIrls-group-shotaround the globe has been very helpful to us here in our women's centres situated around India, and in our work to help end sex trafficking on the India-Nepal border. The That Takes Ovaries model that we are still using here in India, long after [TTO] has left, is replicable and perhaps universal." – Founder & President, Apne Aap Worldwide, India
  • "We love That Takes Ovaries! Every year, Amnesty International Australia organizes a campaign that focuses on ending violence against women. We use a That Takes Ovaries event to end the campaign on a high note. Celebrating women and the bold things they do in the face of violence provides a boost to all of us!" – Community Campaigner, Amnesty International Australia

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  • "The message of That Takes Ovaries, to lead a bold life, is a crucial message for teens." –reviews-teen-red-shirt-black-teenExec. Director, Teen Voices magazine
  • "At our High School event, girls went away feeling empowered, proud to be female." – Event organizer, Cambridge Rindge and Latin
  • "I highly recommend That Takes Ovaries – 100 percent!" – Event organizer, Community Center for Learning, Nairobi, Kenya
  • "The overwhelmingly positive response from the students proves that the work you are doing is of the utmost importance as well as relevant and engaging to the youth of today. We couldn't be more pleased with the result." – Advisory Coordinator, Academy of Arts and Sciences High School

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  • reviews-media-man-mike-bluegray-shirt"[S]alutes 'ballsy' acts by bold women – the anatomically correct way." – Glamour magazine
  • "In praise of strong women… gynocentric tales of courage." – Washington Post
  • "Plenty of defiance was in evidence at a recent event celebrating Ovaries." – Chicago Tribune
  • "Look no further: That Takes Ovaries is powerful theater… by literally handing the stage over to the audience, That Takes Ovaries rewards individual audience members for their own ovarian acts, encourages future ones and ultimately changes culture for the better." – Ms. magazine

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  • reviews-play-girls-pink-boas"This show can move you to laugh, move you to tears, move your spirit and quite possibly move you to action." – Artistic Director, Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater
  • "The That Takes Ovaries play and post-performance open mikes were a real success in Toronto, Canada!" – Artistic Producer, Rasik Arts Theatre, Toronto, Canada
  • "Transformative for the audience and the performers. Over 200 people, standing, sitting on the floor, cheering the performance and at the end of the night sharing their stories of was powerful." – Women's Center, Virginia Tech
  • "The experience of planning and implementing the performances provided excellent leadership opportunities for our students, a platform for folks of all gender identities to engage, and the opportunity to connect with our local community." – Grand Valley State Univ.

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telling a That Takes Ovaries story

Embracing Transgender Liberation

TTO embraces transgender liberation, and supports transgender individuals as well as those who don't subscribe to the gender binary at all. At our events, all who identify with female gender, or who have in the past -- or will in the future -- are invited to participate by sharing their true stories of boldness and courage, and then be celebrated for sharing that story.  See More


Declare Your Commitment

State out loud, for yourself or others to hear, "From this moment on, I make a commitment to myself to lead a bold life, and this means..." Finish the sentence. What would leading a bold and courageous life mean to you personally and to your community? Tell us here.



Events for Government Agencies

The EEO Manager of the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs (San Fran VA Health Care System) invited us to lead an event this April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We have also led events for the U.S. Dept. of Defense's Office of Naval Intelligence and the U.S. Office of Public Affairs / Consulate General in India. For more on our work with gov't agencies see here.



Featured Organization

There are many wonderful organizations doing good work in the world. Here we'll honor and recognize some of them. Today we are featuring an org we worked with in India: Apne Aap, a grassroots NGO committed to ending sex trafficking in India, and their "Cool Men Don't Buy Sex" campaign. Learn more.